UFC star Derrick Lewis Can’t Wait to Beat Greg Hardy Down

UFC star Derrick Lewis Can't Wait to Beat Greg Hardy Down

UFC heavyweight, Derrick Lewis says he was genuinely impressed with Greg Hardy’s 57-second knockout but The Beast is one step closer to fighting the ex-NFL star.

Read on to see why Derrick Lewis can’t wait to beat down Greg Hardy

CelebNSports247.com has the latest from Derrick Lewis admitted that he has real hatred toward Greg Hardy because he believes he DID brutalize the ex-girlfriend he was accused of attacking back in 2014.

If you recall, Greg Hardy was initially convicted of domestic violence, but appealed it and was able to overturn his conviction.

In fact, Derrick Lewis, who witnessed his mother being abused by his father when he was a young boy has a ton of built up anger and Hardy would be the perfect punching bag to let off some aggression.

He sounds like he is coming from a sound mind and good place and more than likely someone like Hardy NEEDS to get his @ss beat, but it’s NOT right in the eyes of the law. Especially since he’s gone on record admitting he wants to do this.

The good thing is that this will be happening in the ring sometime in the future, but Dana White revealed that before Hardy fight The Beast, he needs a few more fights under his belt.

After that, then he can get a shot against a big name UFC fighter like Derrick Lewis.


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