Derwin James Robber Gets Nine Years In Prison

Derwin James Robber Gets Nine Years In Prison

One of the guys who snatched Derwin James’ Rolex and gold chain at gunpoint last summer has just been sentenced to NINE YEARS in state prison for the crime!

If you recall, back in 2018, a man named Kevin Mitchell rolled up on 23-year-old Derwin James and his uncle after they ate at Bossa Nova restaurant on Sunset Blvd.

At the time of the robbery, officials say Mitchell and another man held the L.A. Chargers superstar defensive back and his uncle at gunpoint. Read on…

Derwin James Robber Gets Nine Years In Prison has now learned that the Chargers strong safety Derwin James is vindicated now that cops have found and arrested his robber who will be getting locked up for almost a decade.

TMZ reports:

Cops launched an investigation after the incident and found a breakthrough a few weeks later, when Mitchell allegedly tried to sell the watch at a pawn shop in the San Fernando Valley.

James confirmed Mitchell was one of the men who robbed him … and the guy was arrested and hit with FIVE felonies for the crime.

But, Mitchell copped a plea deal with prosecutors this week — court docs show he was convicted on charges of felony robbery and felony criminal threats and the 3 other charges were dropped.

According to court documents … for the robbery charge, he was ordered to serve 9 YEARS in state prison as well as pay fines, fees and restitution.

As for the criminal threat charge — he was ordered to serve 3 years in prison for that crime, but the judge ruled that will be a concurrent sentence to the nine-year one.

We previously reported that Derwin was out for the season.

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