De’Von Hall Accused of Murdering his Mother

De’Von Hall Accused of Murdering his Mother

We have some mouth dropping news! Former NFL Safety De’Von Hall, who played for the Minnesota Vikings, Indianapolis Colts and Tampa Bay Buccaneers, is accused of murdering his mother, Alecia Benson.

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De’Von Hall Accused of Murdering his Mother just got word that De’Von Hall is said to have killed his mother Alecia Benson, in their Los Angeles home.

It is said that an argument echoed through the Windsor Hills neighborhood a half-dozen miles southwest of downtown Los Angeles.

The Los Angeles Times has this horrific report:

It’s said that neighbors her shouting, threats and then scream, which ended in a thud of blows to Alecia Benson. While her son De’Von Hall stood over her covered in blood on that April evening this year.

One of the home’s residents, Brandeis Eubanks, dialed 911.

“He hit her. He stomped her out. They got in a tussling match and next thing you know she was on the ground and he was stomping her out.”

De’Von mother Alecia Benson lay on her back, unconscious and spitting blood. Her face was swollen, lips sliced open, head battered, nose broken and cut.

Eubanks said:

“Her son is still here and I don’t want him to attack me.If you guys get here, you can apprehend him.”

It was also reported by the LA Times that Hall’s mental health deteriorated to the point that he was homeless and living in Martin Luther King Jr. Park. When his football opportunities dried up, Hall’s friends said his behavior continued to spiral out of control. Yet nobody expected him to turn on his mother.


His mother, who was worried for her son, decided to attempted to care for him, but a confrontation in April allegedly culminated in him beating her to death.  He was a kid with promise, but his college career and his time in the NFL wound up being derailed by several unusual incidents.


When police arrived, they found Hall walking down the middle of the street and nearly hit him with their car. Hall has pleaded not guilty and his public defender is claiming that he’s not competent to stand trial.

The judge overseeing Hall’s case has halted the criminal proceeding and has ordered a mental evaluation. He’s being charged with murder and is being held on a $1 million bond. Hall has refused to see family members who have attempted to visit him in jail.