Dez Bryant Signs with New Orleans Saints

Dez Bryant Signs with New Orleans Saints

Has former Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant found a new home?

According to reports, the former Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant was one of three WR working out with the New Orleans Saints. Read on for the tea…

Dez Bryant Signs with New Orleans reports that Dez Bryant, who has been without a job since his release from the Dallas Cowboys during the offseason may become a Saint.

Word is, Dez Bryant beat out the other two WRs who worked out with the Saints.

In fact, reports have been flooding in on social media saying that all signs were pointing to the often controversial wide receiver signing with the Saints.

NFL Update reports:

Dez Bryant left his workout with the #Saints without a deal, but the #Saints liked what they saw and both sides are discussing a potential deal, per NFL Network.

Dez Bryant Signs with New Orleans Saints

On Monday, Dez took to social media to speak his mind about NOT doing what he loves, football.

He wrote this open-letter:

Not doing what I love(football) put a weight on me that I never thought I could lift off due to my situations and sacrifices.. life will forever be a test no way you can cheat it.

Sometimes you have to pay attention to the things that’s going your way in your life instead of the things that’s not going your way in life…so…Stay real with yourself under all circumstances and be thankful that you are able to reset every day to attempt to make yourself a better person.

I’m still pressing.

Thank you God for allowing me to see 30!

He concluded by saying:

The sun will always shine bright again remember that..the storms in your life don’t last forever so keep faith look good and keep faith.


Well if the rumors are true, Dez will be back to doing what he loves. Congrats on that bro.

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