Diego Sanchez Thankful for Craig White Kiss at Weigh-in

Diego Sanchez Thankful for Craig White Kiss at Weigh-in

Talk about having a moment in the UFC during the weigh-in between Craig White and Diego Sanchez aka “Nightmare”?

During the weigh-in between White and Nightmare, White knew exactly how to get a rise out of Diego.

Read on and listen to why Diego Sanchez is thanking Craig White for the kiss…

CelebNSports247.com thinks this is hilarious when Craig White kissed Diego Sanchez on the nose.

Maybe it was Craig White‘s way of telling Diego  Sanchez that he was going to beat his @ss, or maybe he just likes a sexy shirtless Latino UFC fighter standing in front of him.

Regardless, in case you didn’t see the moment when Craig White decided to take “a much different take on staredowns than Diego Sanchez.”

Nightmare was full throttle machismo, but Craig White showed more affection, and it obviously got a rise out of the New Mexico native.

In fact, Sanchez was so heated over the kiss, he beat White and took home a victory.

Diego aka “Nightmare” was apparently happy that White kissed him on the nose because it gave him the fuel he needed to win at UFC 228.

Sanchez discusses his impressive win over Craig White, and all it took was a kiss:

What do you think about what Nightmare had to say after winning the UFC 228?

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