Dolphins Star Loses Arm in Horrific Car Accident

Dolphins Star Loses Arm in Horrific Car Accident

This is NOT what anyone wants to hear especially Miami Dolphins defensive tackle Kendrick Norton.

On Thursday, night Kendrick Norton was involved in a horrific car accident and lost his arm in the crash. Read on for more details on Miami Dolphins Star Loses Arm…

Dolphins Star Loses Arm in Horrific Car Accident has the latest on Miami Dolphins defensive tackle Kendrick Norton was driving his Ford F-250 when it struck a concrete barrier wall and flipped over.

Here is what we know about the Dolphins Star who lost his arm, but is luckily alive:

According to reports, Kendrick Norton‘s crash occurred just after 1 AM on State Road 836 in Miami.

TMZ reports:

Police dispatch audio, EMT personnel requested a Heavy 1 — a tow truck that can lift a large vehicle. It appears his arm was pinned underneath the truck. Part of the police dispatch audio suggests the arm may have been severed at the scene … you hear the operator say, “Cannot reach the amputator [or amputated] arm.”

They canceled the Heavy 1 because fire and rescue personnel were able to free the arm.

Kendrick and a female companion were rushed to a nearby hospital. We do not know the status of their condition, but we’re told it’s “non-life-threatening.”

You can watch the video of the Dolphins star being wheeled into the ER here…

Kendrick was one of the 2018 NFL draft picks. The 22-year-old was just starting his NFL career, and now its done.

Norton had a stellar run when he was at the University of Miami, and he was selected in the 7th round of the 2018 NFL draft by the Carolina Panthers. He spent most of the season on the practice squad and later in the season signed with the Miami Dolphins.

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