Donald De La Haye Mocks NCAA Rules Publicly

Donald De La Haye CLAPS BACK at NCAA Publically

In case you didn’t hear, last week, Donald De La Haye went public after the NCAA found out that he was “profiting off his likeness” on a YouTube channel.

The UFC kiccker, Donald De La Haye made a YouTube video criticizing the NCAA. Read on…

Donald De La Haye CLAPS BACK at  NCAA Publically caught wind of his latest video, which he hasn’t taken down asking for change with the NCAA.

The chronicles of Donald De La Haye‘s life as a college student and football player and be seen on Destroying, but the NCAA wants him to shut down.

Donald De La Haye Details:

The sophomore kicker Donald De La Haye explains in the video below that he is a Marketing Major, so his Youtube channel is for his major. De La Haye states that making videos has been his passion since he was a child. He is following his dream.

Donald knows that he is on a scholarship, but his passion is Marketing and making film. De La Haye was trying to find a way to help his family.

De La Haye said in the video:

“Some people upstairs aren’t happy with my videos, and they, like, I’m in violation of N.C.A.A. rules and whatnot. I don’t understand, but who am I to say what is in the rule book and what is not.”

Watch the video he posted this week since the NCAA says that he could be violating some of the rules after meeting with the heads of the university’s compliance office. They told him that he can’t profit from his videos or his scholarship is gone!

See if De La Haye cares or not, watch:

De La Haye is back with another video, but this time he is demonstrating how the NCAA won’t let him profit in anyway on his channel.


In the video Donald is shadowed by a bodyguard who prevents him from doing normal stuff, then rips money out of his hand just as soon as he hits an ATM. #Message

Checkout the blatant symbolism:

We don’t think the NCAA will be taking this too lightly. In fact, this might be the video that makes him loose his scholarship.

But first, did he violate any of the NCAA’s (ridiculous) policy?

Stay tuned…