Donald Penn Wife Spills Tea on Secret BGC Baby

NFL Star Donald Penn Knocked Up BGC Star Camilla

We just got word that NFL star Donald Penn Knocked up Bad Girls Club star Camilla, and his wife Dominique is PISSED!!!

Wait until you sip this tea that is FILLED with spices from Donald Penn…

NFL Star Donald Penn Knocked Up BGC Star Camilla has another spicy hot tea for you about Camilla Poindexter from the Bad Girls Club, who gave birth to a baby girl back in March.

Well we have just learned who the daddy is, since Donald Penn wife Dominique took to social media to air some long awaited dirty laundry!

A man really has to do some low down dirty shhhhh to make his wife go public with such a private matter. How humiliating!

NFL Star Donald Penn Knocked Up BGC Star Camilla

Why Donald Penn Wife Spills Tea on Secret BGC Baby!

Here is what we’ve learned via TMZ:

NFL Star Donald Penn was secretly messing around Camilla and got her pregnant, some where around June of 2015 since she had the baby in March.

Penn’s wife Dominique put her husband on BLAST for dipping his stick in another woman’s cookie jar and knocking her up. This could have been their child.

Anyways, Dominique started off with this post:

“My husband cheated on me with this hood rat.”

“She knew he was married from jump!! He knew that he was married! They did this to my family! You don’t get brownie points for f***ing a married man for a check thinking he was gonna leave his wife!”

Oakland Raiders offensive tackle, Donald Penn, already has 3 kids with his wife.

However, his wife is certain that Donald is the father of Camilla’s baby, adding:

“He has 4 kids now (paternity test pending) to worry about.”

Despite his infidelity and having another baby with another woman she is sticking by her man saying:

“My husband married a strong woman, and even at his weakest points today, I encouraged him to go play [on Sunday]!”

“I uplifted him and I told him as his friend were gonna get through this!!! As a result to all you hoes out there, never think for one second a man will never come crawling back to his wife. In most cases like mine, THE WIFE ALWAYS WINS.”

Christmas better be everyday from now on for Dominique Penn and here is why.

Donald CHEATED and got another woman outside of his marriage pregnWe see diamonds, rubies and emeralds, lavish trips and monthly spa getaways in her future. Plus he better start putting it down and home. May we suggest that Dominique starts role playing. Possibly a hood rat or something that keeps his attention straight up, like eat away undies, fish net stalking or even tying him up blind folding him and then making him a banana split with all the topping for her to lick off and eat.

NFL Star Donald Penn Knocked Up BGC Star Camilla

Ladies men like freaks in the sheets. You wanna keep him get into worshiping his eggplant like its the last one on the planet. Do that behind closed doors and he’ll never leave. And if you get married, let him have a man cave the way he wants it. If you don’t some hood rat is out there waiting to accommodate.

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