Douche of The Day: Sooners QB Baker Mayfield

Douche of The Day: Sooners QB Baker Mayfield


Oklahoma Sooners QB Baker Mayfield keeps making headlines for the wrong reasons. Mayfield’s bad behavior continues on the field and this is NOT what the NFL wants.

Wait until you see what Baker Mayfield said and did this time to make our Douche of The Day. Read on…

Douche of The Day: Sooners QB Baker Mayfield has the latest antics by our Douche of The Day, Oklahoma Sooners quarterback Baker Mayfield.

It’s great to win, but there is nothing more ugly that a rotten winner like Baker Mayfield who grabbed his joint on Saturday against Kansas.

Douche of The Day: Sooners QB Baker Mayfield

This is not the first time Mayfield was caught on camera being a douche to other players. Here is a clip from a previous time:

“You forgot who your daddy is! I’m going to have to spank you today.”

Then, on Saturday Mayfield was seen on camera during the third quarter, appearing to yell ‘f–k you’ at the Kansas sideline and grabbing his groin:

After the game, Mayfield apologized for the gesture, per Brooke Pryor of The Oklahoman.

OU reporter writes:

“Mayfield apologizes for the gesture. Says he’s a competitor, but that was unacceptable. Apologizes to fans on both sides and Kansas athletics.”

It doesn’t seem that Mayfield has learned anything. The NFL doesn’t want this time of behavior on their fields, so he better clean up his act.

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