Drake and Draymond Green Mock Each Other

Drake and Draymond Green Mock Each Other

Has Drake found his man, that is to beef with? Drake and Golden State Warriors Draymond Green have been going at it on social media!

Flip and get the tea on Drake and the Warriors Draymond Green mocking each other….

Drake and Draymond Green Mock Each Other

CelebNSports247.com noticed that since Drake and Draymond Green of the Golden State Warriors were spotted hanging out after they defeated the Pelicans on April 8th, the two got jokes for each other.

The hip-hop superstar went out for a night on the town with players Steph Curry, Kevin Durant, and Green. After Drake was spotted with a combination of white shoes and white socks (a fashion no-no).

Draymond Green decided to roast the 6 God saying:

“See this n%#*^ with the white socks? Not pimpin!!!” The line itself refers to a Katt Williams skit on the 2004 song “Pimpin’ All Over The World.”

We found that funny yet interesting since Drizzy paid Green homage on his 2016 single “Summer Sixteen.” Obviously, Drake has been watching Draymond closely on the court.

Drake wasted no time with a response for Green writing on Instagram (photo above):

“When she asks how much fun you’re having without her…”

The comment sparked a wave of fans who joined in mocking Green’s sultry pose.


Aubrey’s joke didn’t go unnoticed because Draymond wasted little time with his retort and posted an unflattering looking photo the OVO leader.

He wrote:

“When you get that text saying you no longer have to be an extra on Degrassi!”

Drake and Draymond Green Mock Each Other


In case you forgot, Drizzy was the guy in the wheel chair on the Canadian television series Degrassi: The Next Generation (2001-15). Green made sure to throw in the hashtag #WAR for good measure, proving that Drake isn’t the only one who can throw shade.

Boys play nice!

We will keep you posted on this funny #war between these two. #Rageon