Drake and Odell Beckham Jr Sharing Clothes

Drake and Odell Beckham Jr Sharing Clothes

Last week we told you that Odell Beckham Jr. And Drake Living Together and now Drake and Odell Beckham Jr Sharing Clothes?!?

Is there something going on with Drake and Odell Beckham Jr on the flip…

Drake and Odell Beckham Jr Sharing Clothes

Rumors are swirling on Drake and Odell Beckham Jr Sharing clothes since all eyes are on them since the two men moved in together, CelebNSports247.com is hearing.

It’s crazy, these days two hot looking guys can’t move in together without someone trying to say their gay.

And before you go there, we are NOT saying these two are bumping uglies all night long. The rumors are insinuating that.

If you recall, Odell sat down with Rhonda Rousey to chop it up and reveal some things about each other and that is how we all learned Drake and Odell were roommates.

No one seemed to care about the news, but now that Odell has been spotted out wearing Drake’s clothes people are hinting there might be more going on in their pad.

Take a look at some of these photos of Drake and Odell that is stirring up some gossip. Maybe its the way Odell has been spotted checking out Drizzy Drake in the pics, but we all dudes here.


When you have a roommate and you are the same size, guys share clothes too. We did that in college, so we get it. It’s harmless.

Look at these photos of Drake and Odell Beckham Jr and you decide:

If you are like us, then you’re not buying it either!

Let us know what you think about Drake and Odell sharing clothes? No Big Deal or Hot Tea Spilled?


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