Drake Out With Warriors


Guess who was spotted with another team? The OVO leader himself, Drake Out With Warriors! What happened to the Toronto Raptors???

CelebNSports247.com caught wind that rapper Drake loves basketball because he wasn’t at his home teams game, instead he was sitting front row with the Warriors and wait until you see the video…


Did you hear, Drake Out With Warriors

Our ear was to the floor and our friends at TerezOwens let us know that Drake was spotted at the Oakland Warriors game.

In fact, Drake has openly admitted his love for multiple teams and players, and yesterday he was loving himself some Warriors.

We get it, we love a couple teams ourselves, but we have our main and it’s the Warriors, so good looking Drizzy. Smart choice.


Do you think Drake needs to pick a team already?

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OBDaKid #CelebsAreCool #ShakenNotStirredNews To The Point and off the riff The Kid brings it...
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