Dwyane Wade Getting Super Flirty?

Dwyane Wade Getting Super Flirty?

Wait…What? Dwyane Wade getting super flirty – Umm Dwayne are you forgetting you’re with the beautiful Gabrielle Union?

In the latest episode of Timeout with Taylor Rooks, Heat guard Dwayne Wade stops by to discuss his reunion with Pat Riley. Read on to get the tea spilling…

 Dwyane Wade Getting Super Flirty?CelebNSports247.com has the latest on Heat guard Dwayne Wade who touches on the burning question, “will he retire after this season?”

Taylor Rooks warmed Dwayne Wade with some simple questions and what is next, but 25 minutes into the interview she asked him some personal questions.

Dwayne touched on his reason why and why not while speaking to Taylor Rooks. He also talks about his son following in his footsteps and having a better sense of the game then himself.

Dwayne talks about his son Zaire Wade, being a father, and the awkwardness of watching a sex scene involving his wife and actress, Gabrielle Union.

Gabby Union better watch out for Taylor Rooks because she is looking like she’s trying to land herself a baller. And Dwayne is looking like catch number 1.

Watch the video and check out the body movement of Taylor and Dwayne. He comes off a bit clueless in the beginning, then once he’s comfortable she has his full attention.

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