Enes Kanter: Blazers Gave Him 6 Minutes To Sign Deal

Enes Kanter: Blazers Gave Him 6 Minutes To Sign Deal

Enes Kanter refused to fall for one of the oldest sales tactics in the books by the Portland Blazer. His team told him “if you don’t agree in the next five minutes this deal goes away.”

Well, the deal went away. This is the main reasons why he signed with the Boston Celtic and decided NOT to return to the Portland Trail Blazers. Read on…

CelebNSports247.com reports that Enes Kanter claims he signed with the Celtics over returning to the Blazers because he was only given six minutes to decide whether or not to re-sign with Portland.

Well, Enes Kanter is heading to Boston but still says that he felt pressured to make a decision so he told them no.

Then, Portland’s face of the franchise, Damian Lillard, was asked what was wrong with the Blazers front office for only giving Kanter six minutes to decide if he wanted to return. He confirmed that Kanter was not given just six minutes to make his decision.

Basically, Kanter was undecided and even with 45 mins, he got down to the last 6 minutes and the answer was still no. However, his statement about only having 6-minutes was good drama for sports fans.

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