Ex-NBA player Orien Greene Arrested For Creepy Ways

Ex-NBA player Orien Greene Arrest For Creepy Ways

We’re back and we just got word that ex-NBA player Orien Greene was arrested in Florida on Monday morning after officials he did one of the creepiest things ever!!!

Read more and find out what creepy Orien Greene did to a woman…

Ex-NBA player Orien Greene Arrest For Creepy Ways

According to Florida officials Orien Greene, who was once a 2005 2nd round pick for the Boston Celtics, has now become pond scum.

Word is, Orien Greene snuck into 2 homes and rubbed a sleeping woman’s butt.


CelebNSports247.com has learned via TMZ Sports, the 34-year-old ex-Boston Celtics player entered the first home early in the morning. He went to the master bedroom where he encountered a 56-year-old woman lying in bed.

Then, Orien, for some unknown reason, headed to the home across the street to another woman’s home. He allegedly went to the bedroom and saw a 40-year-old woman sleeping in bed. The former NBA player then violated the woman space by allegedly kissing her neck and then he “rubbed her butt.”

The woman, who did NOT know Orien Greene started started yelling, Greene allegedly booked it and went to his girlfriend’s house (which is in the same neighborhood).

Was he drunk and thought that he was at his girls home? Does he not realize that he allegedly broke into two homes before making it to his girlfriend’s pad?

Well, dumb dumb has now been booked for felony burglary and misdemeanor battery, by police.

Man…what are you thinking bro? That is some low down foul shhh! Time to get a life…party of one…your cell is ready!

Photo by Craig Jones/Getty Images