Is Ezekiel Elliott Ex Girlfriend Trying to RUIN His NFL Career?

Is Ezekiel Elliott Ex Girlfriend Trying to RUIN His NFL Career?

Over the past week there have been some shocking reveals about Dallas Cowboys running back Ezekiel Elliott and the woman who accused him of assaulting her on multiple occasions.

There was so much more to Ezekiel Elliott and this woman, than any of us knew. Read on to and see what we see, because it seems Ezekiel Elliott ex girlfriend is trying to KILL his NFL career…

Is Ezekiel Elliott Ex Girlfriend Trying to RUIN His NFL Career?

Ok, so last week Ezekiel Elliott started his court hearing to get his suspension lifted, but the latest developments are a bit mind blowing.

Ezekiel Elliott ex girlfriend accused him of physically assaulting, but did you know she was pregnant with the star running back’s child?

Ezekiel Elliott Ex Girlfriend Details:

It’s been said that she decided to get an abortion in 2016, after both Elliott and his ex-girlfriend said they were not ready to be parents. Tiffany Thompson also revealed that Elliott impregnated her in February 2016.

To top that, she was pregnant with twins but lost one of the babies to a miscarriage. After that she terminated the pregnancy at 10 weeks. She had the abortion around the same time Zeke was attending the NFL draft in Chicago.

Before Chicago, Zeke says things were different after she revealed she was pregnant in Florida. Elliott said that he was under the impression she was on birth control.

Did Tiffany try to trap Zeke before he made it in the NFL in hopes to be a Baller Wife?

Elliott said under oath:

“Well, my intention was to be done with her, but now she was pregnant with my child, so I had to somehow – I couldn’t just not talk to her, if that makes any sense. I just made it very clear to her, we weren’t ready to have a child. … I believe she got pregnant on purpose.”

When things didn’t go her way, Tiffany Thompson started pursuing former Cowboys wide receiver Lucky Whitehead.

Elliott’s ex-girlfriend Tiffany Thompson confirmed that she became friendly with former Cowboys wide receiver Lucky Whitehead. Meanwhile, she claimed that Zeke assaulted her on multiple occasions. He believes otherwise stating that she taunted him over it.

It sounds like she was trying to make Ezekiel jealous by allegedly smashing one of his teammates.  Thompson said in a November interview with NFL investigator Kia Roberts:

“He and I started talking over social media. We weren’t really dating. Ezekiel found out, and I blocked Lucky from my phone.”

Roberts said during the appeal Thompson told her Elliott became mad that she was dating “some guy.”:

“And what I remember her saying because I do kind of remember this specifically is she said that Ezekiel is upset because he found out that I was dating some guy. I said well, what guy. And she says a guy I met over social media. And then we go over what’s his name.”

Ezekiel Elliott ex girlfriend knew how to piss him off so she taunted him by implying she slept with Whitehead.


Elliott recalled:

“So, like I mentioned before, when Tiffany saw me doing well or just doing well without her, she did not like that and she would go through any measure to kind of ruin my moment or ruin what’s going on, and so particularly this moment was — after we had a big win vs. the Steelers, and I had a very good game, and while I’m boarding the plane from Pittsburgh to Dallas, I received like 15 texts from an unknown number, and the texts were screenshots of text messages between Tiffany and one of my current teammates that play with me for the Cowboys. And then there was a picture of a hotel reservation which had her name and also (Whitehead’s) name on it. Basically, her telling me that she slept with one of my teammates the previous week while we were in Cleveland.”

A bizarre event occurred around that time and Whitehead was signed by the New York Jets after the Cowboys cut him. Unfortunately he ended up being released after he broke his foot.

Where do things stand with Ezekiel Elliott ex girlfriend court case?

The crazy part in all of this is that The Dallas Cowboys have claimed to be innocent bystanders in the ongoing Ezekiel Elliott saga. NOT true, they’re more like instigators in the matter.

Bottom line, The holiday weekend outlined some of the reasons the Cowboys could be optimistic about Ezekiel Elliott playing in Week 1 and potentially the entire season. Though, Tuesday and Wednesday’s court proceedings should be revealing for Elliott’s immediate future.

Story developing…

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