Ezekiel Elliott Smiles off Domestic Violence Allegations

Ezekiel Elliott Instagram

Ezekiel Elliott doesn’t look like he’s too worried about last week’s domestic violence allegations, earlier today the Dallas Cowboys star and #4 draft pick posted a photo with a smile that could light a stadium!!!

Get more details on Ezekiel Elliott  smiling past Domestic Violence Allegations…

Ezekiel Elliott Instagram

CelebNSports247.com has the following on Ezekiel Elliot, who is still all smiles despite the allegations that he beat his ex-GF Tiffany Thompson.

Now that Thompson is Ezekiel Elliott’s ex, she is smearing his name in the press claiming that he had a history of violence against her. Her story is that the Dallas rookie baller struck her during a parking lot altercation early Friday morning.

But cops spoke with 4 witnesses who say they never saw Elliott lay a finger on the woman — and in the end, officers did NOT arrest Elliott because they didn’t feel there was enough evidence to prove he committed a crime.  The woman was referred to the prosecutor’s office — but clearly, Ezekiel Elliot ain’t sweatin’ it..

If this is what we think it is, Tiffany Thompson is sounding like a bitter ex since the Ohio State running back has joined the NFL and made her a part of his past. Sorry Tiffany but you’re NOT going to be a NFL wifey.

Ezekiel Elliott Instagram

Meanwhile, The Observer reports:

During the call, a composed Thompson told police that she has bruises, that Ezekiel Elliot hit her multiple times over the course of five days and requested that an officer be sent to a parking lot outside a bar in which Ezekiel Elliot, Thompson and others had been celebrating Elliott’s 21st birthday. It’s her second 911 call, she said, and rather than waiting until Saturday, after Elliott’s gone, she’d like an officer to come now.

When police arrived on the scene, Thompson reported a new assault by Elliott that had allegedly just occurred in the driver’s seat of her car. Four witnesses hanging out with Thompson and Elliott told police they hadn’t seen anything. Due to the conflicting reports, the police left without making an arrest.

Later Friday morning, Thomspon posted photos on her Instagram account of injuries she says she sustained from Elliott.

Check the photos, but do women feel they can claim domestic violence on a guy when his life changes for the better and dumps them?

Here are the “so-called” abuse photos that were posted and then deleted. [Thank you Deadspin for the screen grabs]: