Fan Gets A Jordan Jersey Tattoo + Michael Jordan Buys Team Liquid

Fan Gets A Jordan Jersey Tattoo + Michael Jordan Buys Team Liquid

This week a Bulls fan went the extra mile to tattoo his favorite NBA player Michael Jordan by having a tattoo of Jordan’s jersey inked on his back.

Was it too far, or shall we ask How Far is Tattoo Far, like the show on MTV. This ink is NOT ugly, but it’s excessive if you think about it. However, the man who got the Jordan Jersey Tattoo is a diehard Bulls fan to the core.

He goes by the name @kon3viga on Instagram and this week he made headlines just like the real Michael Jordan who has teamed up with Magic Johnson by buying an ownership stake in aXiomatic.

AXiomatic is the company that operates the prestigious eSports franchise, Team Liquid, which Jordan is now part of.

Read on to check out the Michael Jordan Jersey Tattoo and get all the details on Michael Jordan buying a stake in Team Liquid… reports that Michael Jordan was part of a new $26 million funding round.

The legendary NBA star, Michael Jordan has joined other prestigious co-owners including Golden State Warriors co-owner Peter Gruber, Tampa Bay Lightning owner Jeff Vinik, and Washington Capitals owner Ted Leonsis.

TMZ Sports reports:

Team Liquid is a FORCE in eSports — with teams competing in games like League of Legends, Dota 2, Fortnite, CS:GO, Street Fighter, PUBG, FIFA and more.

In fact, the Team Liquid Dota 2 squad won the 2017 World Championship — an $11 million grand prize!  Magic Johnson was an early investor in aXiomatic — and Leonsis is stoked to reunite the 1992 Dream Team stars.

Leonsis states:

Probably no other franchise has the championship pedigree as we do with now Michael and with Magic.

Team Liquid will be in direct competition in some games with 100 Thieves.  The eSports team founded by Nadeshot and now co-owned by stars like Drake and Scooter Braun.

What do you think of the Michael Jordan Jersey Tattoo? And how about Michael Jordan making power moves with Magic?

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