Floyd Mayweather Set the Record Straight with Adrien Broner

Floyd Mayweather Sets the Record Straight with Adrien Broner


48 hours after Adrien Broner called Floyd Mayweather a bitch, the championship fighters is now responding to him about his crazy diss.

Read on and see what Floyd Mayweather said to Broner…

Floyd Mayweather Set the Record Straight with Adrien Broner

CelebNSports247.com has the latest on Floyd Mayweather who went live on Instagram with a long video shouting out different people who were watching him.

While Floyd Mayweather was doing that he decided to call out Adrien Broner right to his face Tuesday night about that crazy diss video he made about the champ. Mayweather went right to Broner last night and told him straight-up — “YOU’RE TRIPPIN’.”

Broner backed down in a big way!. Adrien admitted he only made the video in the first place because he thought Floyd was secretly pitting Gervonta Davis and Broner against each other.

Floyd had to set the record straight and put Broner in check. And yes, they are friends again, but Davis still wants to beat AB’s as.

FYI, Gervonta Davis (who’s undefeated) is part of The Money Team and says Broner is jealous of his success. Gervonta told “TMZ Sports” he wants to get a fight on the books for 2018.

Who do you think will win if there is a Gervonta Davis vs Adrien Broner fight in 2018? Who are you putting your coins on?

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