Is Floyd Mayweather Setting Up Gervonta Davis

Is Floyd Mayweather Setting Up Gervonta Davis

Adrien Broner went off calling Floyd Mayweather a bitch yesterday on social media and now we are seeing why he said it!

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Is Floyd Mayweather Setting Up Gervonta Davis

On Monday, Gervonta Davis (17-0, 16 KOs) demanded a fight with Adrien Broner, but he stated that he and Floyd spoke over the weekend and he doesn’t mess with Davis.

Here is the problem, Davis is promoted by Floyd Mayweather Jr., who is close friends with Broner. This is NOT the first time Broner had an issue with a fighter within Mayweather’s TMT [The Money Team] group.

While, Floyd and Adrien were having fun listening to music, Davis, had confrontation with Tevin Farmer at the Lomachenko-Sosa card, so he took to social media and posted a message:

“And after I deal with that other p*ssy [Tevin Farmer]…Me and AB can get it rocking!! Floyd Mayweather set it up.”

Is Floyd Mayweather Setting Up Gervonta Davis


It didn’t sit well with Adrien at all, so he checked Gervonta Davis and made a point to say that Floyd just wants to see him kick Gervonta’s @ss!

“Going against the grain will f*** yo “WAVE” up…. yo n*gga came to me talking bout you can beat my brothas and I told him you can’t n*gga. F*** wrong with that gay ass n*gga. I’m riding with my n*ggas like you go ride with yo n*ggas, all this sh*t is for girls! Where I’m from I don’t get down like that. N*ggas is FRAUDS.”

Listen to the FULL video from Broner HERE and see where he says that Gervonta Davis is a fool. Mayweather is setting him up to have Adrien Broner (his friend) to KO Davis.

In the meantime, here is Mayweather and Broner having fun over the weekend.

Davis is scheduled to make a mandatory defense against Liam Walsh on May 20 in the UK. Broner does not have his next fight scheduled at the moment. If Davis keeps it up, Broner just might accept.