Floyd Mayweather SLAPPED with Lawsuit by Vegas Nightclub

Floyd Mayweather SLAPPED with Lawsuit by Vegas Nightclub

Looks like Floyd Mayweather will be coughing up some loot since he was just SLAPPED with Lawsuit by Vegas Nightclub!!!

Flip and get the details on why Floyd Mayweather is being sued by a Vegas nightclub…

Floyd Mayweather SLAPPED with Lawsuit by Vegas Nightclub

According to reports, Floyd Mayweather was gonna make $35,000 for 90 minutes of work at a Vegas nightclub, but blew it off.

CelebNSports247.com has learned that Mayweather didn’t feel like leaving Europe, this according to a new lawsuit.

TMZ reports:

Mayweather’s being sued by the SLS Hotel in Vegas, which says they had a deal with Mayweather to host his 39th birthday party at their Foxtail Nightclub on February 20.

Instead, Floyd pulled a no-show for the event. All he had to do was appear, host the party and do the red carpet. But Floyd obviously wanted to spend his birthday in Europe away from fans and Vegas. It was all a last minute thing, so he could “stay in Europe for his birthday.”

Problem is, the club was pissed … and demanded the advance back, which Floyd has allegedly refused to fork over.

SLS did what they needed to do. SLAP Floyd Mayweather with a Lawsuit.

Mayweather NEEDS to man up and just cut them a check and go about his business of spending money, bragging on social media how rich he is and so forth.

This is why Mayweather NEVER learns how to be honorable. Everyone kisses up to him. Check this:

“I would like to thank @RWBimini for giving me & my team the royal treatment! Sending a private jet, catering us with plush accommodations and the overall hospitality was exceptional! The experience of playing in the blackjack tournament was a great time & I look forward to visiting again real soon.”

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