Former Panthers CB Captain Munnerlyn Arrested

Former Panthers CB Captain Munnerlyn Arrested

Former Panthers CB Captain Munnerlyn Arrested in Miami on a Fugitive Warrant!

According to reports free-agent cornerback Captain Munnerlyn, who is best known for his time with the Carolina Panthers, was arrested in Miami on Friday. Read on for details… reports Captain Munnerlyn was arrested on a fugitive warrant and is accused of writing bad checks in Las Vegas. His attorney called it “a complete misunderstanding.”

Here is what we’ve learned from CBS Sports:

Captain Munnerlyn isn’t yet retired from the NFL, but before he can focus on potentially signing with a new team, he’ll need to iron out some legal issues. The former seventh-round pick who made a name for himself as a member of the Carolina Panthers was reportedly arrested at Miami International Airport on Friday, via Andy Slater of Fox Sports Radio, as he attempted to board a flight to Cancun, Mexico. Munnerlyn is being charged with writing bad checks, and remains detained for now. His attorney, Ricky Patel, issued a formal statement — arguing the charges are not well-founded.

Patel told Slater following the arrest:

This is a complete misunderstanding…And we will clear this situation immediately.

Captain Munnerlyn net worth is around $25.43 million.

Maybe it is just a big misunderstanding, but how did it lead to warrants being issued for my arrest?

He recently posted he was “ready for whatever,” we hope prison is one of them.


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