‘Get The Strap’ 50 Cent + Bellator MMA Announce Partnership

'Get The Strap' 50 Cent + Bellator MMA Announce Partnership

Time to “Get The Strap” because 50 Cent wasn’t lying about a deal with Bellator.

He never said it had anything to do with the MMA in the sense of fighting. It’s a new apparel from 50 Cent with #GetTheStrap written across it.  Read on for all the deets…

CelebNSports247.com has the latest on 50 Cent and Bellator who teamed up earlier this year.

Take that all outlets who tried to claim 50 Cent was FAKE NEWS about teaming with Bellator MMA.

50 Cent says:

I’m gonna put up a million cash of my own money up for the Winner of the Bellator Welterweight World Grand Prix. #Dazn #Bellator #lecheminduroi

Fif and Bellator MMA have announced a new partnership which includes an upcoming clothing line as well as his champagne brand Le Chemin Du Roi.

50 Cent said in a statement.

I am excited to partner with the Bellator Viacom franchise. Mixed martial arts yields some of the most action-packed events in the world. I’m excited for people to see how I plan to shake up MMA with the integration of my ‘Get The Strap’ trademark.

'Get The Strap' 50 Cent + Bellator MMA Announce Partnership

Bellator MMA President Scott Baker said that their new partnership and licensing deal is just the beginning of more joint ventures in the future.

This is interesting since 50 Cent and Bellator MMA were entangled in a lawsuit over Fif #GetTheStrap announcement. The one they denied.

HNHH recaps:

Fif initially hinted that he sold #GetTheStrap earlier this year to Bellator MMA for $1M. HipHopDX later stated that Fif didn’t sell the slogan to Bellator MMA which prompted a legal battle between them after 50 dubbed them “fake news.” After DX sued Fif for defamation, he responded to the suit by claiming the website is threatening his freedom of speech and claimed it was “an affront to the fundamental protections to free speech by the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution.”

Fif furthered his argument in his suit by saying that if DX continues with their suit, it would “open a floodgate of defamation suits by news organizations against the very subjects of their news reports for simply criticizing or refuting the reports as ‘fake news.'”

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