Giants Landon Collins In High Demand + Cowboys Want Him

Giants Landon Collins In High DemandGiants Landon Collins In High Demand

Last week, the New York Giants had a fire sale after they dealt away Eli Apple and ‘Snacks’.

Now, the Giants are receiving many trade offers for safety Landon Collins. Could Landon Collins be the next player dealt away? Read on…

Giants Landon Collins In High just got word that New York Giants Safety Landon Collins might be heading to Texas to join the Dallas Cowboys.

Hey, we aren’t mad at that one bit, getting the 24-year-old safety on the Dallas Cowboys is a smart move. The Cowboys need all the help they can get this season.

As for Landon Collins, the possibility exists because the Giants have received trade offers for the 24-year-old safety, and some believe they might be willing to move him.

The only way Collins will join The Cowboys is if they receive a second-day pick (Rounds 2 and 3) in the 2019 NFL Draft. The specifics of the offers they’ve received so far weren’t immediately available, nor was it clear whether the Giants were close to making a move. But one league source said it doesn’t appear the Giants have closed the door on trading anyone before on their roster before the trading deadline on Tuesday. via Ralph Vacchiano of SNY

Collins, 24, is in the final year of his contract, so this could be a great thing for him.

Landon is keeping a level head and understands that it’s business at the end of the day. He had this to say when asked about the possibility of a trade, via Vacchiano:

I’m just playing it day-by-day. I love the Giants. They love me. You never know. It’s a business. So whatever happens, happens.

247Sports reports:

The Giants are having a fire sale right now, and the Cowboys could take advantage.

Collins is only 24 years old and the former second-round pick not only hails from Alabama, a team the Cowboys have a new infatuation with, but he’s already a two-time pro bowler and has been known to make life very difficult for Dallas. They’ve seen all the film on him they need to know he deserves the coming extension that’ll pay him a pretty penny.

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