Gilbert Arenas Takes NBA Training To Another Level

Gilbert Arenas Takes It too Another Level #TreadmillHandleschallenge


When it comes to training in the NBA, Gilbert Arenas is taking things to a whole new level, like ASAP Ferg says, I’m on a “New Level.”

Wait until you see what Gilbert Arenas is doing…

Gilbert Arenas Takes NBA Training To Another Level

Gilbert Arenas advises the following workout the #treadmillHandleschallenge! He calls this training “unique drills” is what “makes for a unique player.”

Here are the setting for the #treadmillHandleschallenge presented by former NBA point guard Gilbert Arenas – (incline 6.0 spend 3.5).

Before you watch Gilbert Areas Instavideo make sure to play ASAP Ferg’s “New Level” featuring Future:

Play simultaneously:

Unique drills,makes for a unique player #treadmillHandleschallenge (incline 6.0 spend 3.5)

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In other news, What is crazy about the former NBA star is that he earned $160 million in salary plus tens of millions more from endorsements. Unfortunately, in recent years he has struggled financially and was even forced to sue a former financial adviser seeking $40 million in damages. In October of 2016, Arenas said that he can’t afford to keep his kids in private school.

Arenas, “Amnesty kicked in,” and the payouts were stretched over 8 years instead. His final installment hit his bank account on Oct. 31st. But it appears Areas has a lifestyle he’s used to and poor investment if all the money is dwindling down so fast.

Can someone get this man a financial adviser, one that doesn’t steal!

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