Is The 2020 NFL Draft Ready for OT Scott Frantz Who Came Out Gay

Is The NFL Ready for OT Scott Frantz Who Came Out Gay

According to reports, Kansas State OT Scott Frantz has announced that he is openly gay and getting ready for the upcoming NFL draft in 2020.

Does it matter these days since Transgenders are making gay the new normal in our society? The now open and out college football player Scott Frantz is ready to be in the NFL but will the 2020 NFL Draft let him join? Continue on… has the latest on Kansas State Wildcats OT Scott Frantz who decided to come out after hearing about his Kansas State teammates talked about their own traumas.

From growing up in poverty, losing loved ones, desperately fighting to be the first members of their families to attend college Wildcats OT Scott Frantz kept wondering if this really could be the time when he announced his sexual orientation to the entire Kansas State University football team..

Scott Frantz decided that is was since the setting seemed safe enough as 120 football players had gathered on the club level of the press box at the Bill Snyder Family Stadium to hear motivational speaker Dr. Derek Greenfield talk. Greenfield had implored the players to recognize that being part of a family meant more than just playing together. It meant being able to trust one another with some serious secrets.

Frantz watched an assortment of teammates agree to Greenfield’s challenge to come forward and talk about what made them unique. He then felt a queasy sensation in his stomach, as if he was riding a roller coaster

The point is that it doesn’t matter what Frantz likes to do in the bedroom?

All that matters is that he plays football, and fulfills his dream as a NFL player. Scott is still the same guy he has always been and people need to get past the “gay” stigma.

After his friend, offensive tackle Dalton Risner, glanced over and asked, “Are you OK, man?” Frantz nodded. He’d known he was gay since the fifth grade. it was something that he had hid from his parents, his two brothers, his teachers, his coaches, and friends.

Now, at 19 years old and having just finished his redshirt freshman season Frantz said to

In that moment when my teammates were telling personal things, I just had this urge growing inside me. I kept feeling, This is your time. This is the best time you’ll ever have to share what’s been weighing me down for my entire life.

Now, 5 years later after former Missouri star Michael Sam came out before the 2014 NFL Draft has the 2020 NFL draft changed?

Basically, we will have to see. Being gay is something that is NOT a choice and it shouldn’t stop a man from playing in the NFL. There have been plenty of gay NFL players over the years – the only difference is the kept it hidden.

Do gay men still have to hide their sexuality when it comes to the 2020 NFL draft?

What do you think?

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