Jason Pierre-Paul Remembers Life Changing Firework Injury

Jason Pierre-Paul Remembers Life Changing Firework Injury

To all the kids who love fireworks and setting them off, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers

defensive end

thought it would be a good time to share his graphic photos of his blown up hand.

Luckily Jason Pierre-Paul was able to continue his NFL career following the life-changing and horrific 4th of July fireworks accident that mangled his right hand and cost him his index finger. Read on to see the disgusting photo…

Jason Pierre-Paul Remembers Life Changing Firework InjuryCelebNSports247.com has the stomach-turning photo of Jason Pierre-Paul’s mangled right hand which cost him his index finger.

While millions of Americans set to celebrate the 242nd anniversary of our country’s Declaration of Independence, Jason Pierre-Paul figured it would be a good time to remind people everywhere to be safe and avoid making the same mistake he did three years earlier.

In the bay area, all the news channels spoke on tons of illegal fireworks being set off in Oakland, San Jose and many parts of the city, since many local families rather shoot their own firework display before watching the big Firework show.

He wrote this message for everyone who was shooting off Fireworks this 4th of July:

It’s been 3-yrs since my accident and I can truly say I’m very blessed and fortunate to be where I am in life. Looking at these pictures seems unreal and crazy. How your life can change in the blink of an eye. One of the greatest American traditions in celebrating the 4th of July is with fireworks.

Jason Pierre-Paul adds:

Unfortunately, tomorrow someone will be injured playing with fireworks. We are celebrating the birthday of our great nation. I’m glad to still be alive to show you the outcome of what happened to me. Please don’t feel sorry for me, trust me your boy fine even with missing fingers lol. Be safe out there otherwise, this can be you.

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