Ex-NFL Jeff Webb Arrested For Car Crash Insurance Scam

Ex-NFL Jeff Webb Arrested For Car Crash Insurance Scam

Thanks to people like Ex-NFL Jeff Webb who scam insurance companies auto insurance premiums are extremely high, but unlucky for Jeff Webb he’s been arrested for car crash insurance scam!!!

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Ex-NFL Jeff Webb Arrested For Car Crash Insurance Scam

CelebNSports247.com has learned that charges have been filed by police in California, on former Chiefs WR Jeff Webb who is the alleged  mastermind of a car insurance fraud ring.

According to police, Jeff Webb  racked up over $139,000 in fraudulent claims.

Bloomberg has more details:

Webb, 34, who played for the Kansas City Chiefs, was arrested on multiple felony counts following crashes that resulted in $70,000 in claims and a total potential loss of $139,000, the California Department of Insurance said Wednesday in a statement. As the leader, Webb allegedly received a bulk of the money paid by the victim companies, which included Progressive Corp., York Risk Services Group, Rental Insurance Services and Hertz Claim Management.

Insurance Commissioner Dave Jones said in the statement:

“California is ground zero for staged auto collisions.”

 “Organized crime rings are responsible for the majority of staged collisions, which are costly to insurers and consumers.”

The group supposedly purchased insurance policies for privately owned cars and rental vehicles, and then purposefully crashed them. The suspects requested medical help even though the vehicles only suffered minor damage, according to the statement. The department was alerted by one of the insurance companies that suspected fraud.

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