Somethings Are Not Meant for Twitter, like Jim McElwain Nekked

Somethings Are Not Meant for Twitter, like Jim McElwain Nekked

OMG, our eyes are burned! Somethings are NOT meant for Twitter, like Florida Gators head coach Jim McElwain nude on top of a shark!

You just have to see the shocking photo of Florida Gators head coach Jim McElwain

Jim McElwain the head coach of the Florida Gators-2 jaws have hit the floor. This makes us feel sad for the shark who looks like he just got crushed by a whale of a man.

Plus, we are foreseeing a bunch of memes that could spark from this crazy photo. Hey, Jim McElwain are you asking to be roasted?

And what is up with the nudity on the shark man, can’t you get any fish? When you players tell you that you need to get some, they didn’t mean hump a shark!

For the record, Jim McElwain has gone on record saying that the man in the photo is NOT him! He did NOT lay on a shark naked! He has no clue who the man is in the photo, but he assures everyone it is NOT him! Nope, no way, no how!


Jim McElwain Explains Shark Photo Is NOT Him:

Here is a transcript from a Q&A when Jim McElwain went in FULL denial mode about laying on a shark naked [via DeadSpin]

THOMPSON: “You’ve become part of this big, viral photo.”


THOMPSON: “I mean, what’s your feeling on this situation?”

MCELWAIN: “Well, first and foremost, I don’t know who it is, but it isn’t me.”

[Long pause]

THOMPSON: “Clearly. I mean, what’s your feeling in general, just that something like this could even get out there and become a story?”

MCELWAIN: “I guess that’s for you guys to answer. You know, in the world we live, what is a story? I just know this: It isn’t me.”

Photo: Rob Foldy/Getty Images