Johnathan Hernandez Reveals The Truth About Aaron Hernandez

Johnathan Hernandez Reveals The Truth About Aaron Hernandez

No one but Aaron Hernandez will ever fully grasp how a millionaire tight end came to gun down a friend three summers ago.

Jonathan Hernandez, 32, who played football at UConn when he was known as D.J., is now the coach at Ledyard High. He has spoken about his brother Aaron Hernandez, who became an NFL legend as the New England Patriots tight end from 2010 to 2013. Hernandez was the fourth round of the 2010 NFL Draft alongside teammate Rob Gronkowski.

Aaron was on top of the world until he murdered Odin Loyd three summers ago. That was the moment Aaron fell from fame and became a killer behind bars. Since then, everyone has been trying to speculate what caused Hernandez to change. Doctors say it was a direct effect from CTE, while others point to his darkest secret that was eating him away. Aaron was a gay man, but in his world, his father beat him because being gay was unacceptable.

Read on to learn what Aaron Hernandez brother Johnathan Hernandez explains on the flip…

 Johnathan Hernandez Reveals The Truth About Aaron has always loved Aaron Hernandez, and yeah if you ask us, he was on top of our list of hunks to date in the NFL.

The only problem is that Aaron Hernandez was living a double life and a lie. He had a fiance, a daughter, and a secret boyfriend. But living a double life like that with the pressures of fame can be too much, and for Aaron it was. In a note to his fiance Shayanna Jenkins-Hernandez, who revealed that Aaron was NOT the father of her 2nd baby.

Aaron wrote her a note, that said:

Tell my story fully but never think anything besides how much I love you.

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Aaron’s longtime boyfriend Dennis SanSoucie came out of the closet after years of hiding. Dennis confirmed that he was Hernandez’ longtime partner. He also revealed that they had to hide their gay relationship because his father beat him. Aaron’s dad didn’t want a fag for a son. He was extremely homophobic and that his son “had a feminine way about him.” He even told the neighbors that Aaron, who wasn’t into sports as a boy was NO LONGER allowed to hang out with the girls down the street because they were making him “feminine.”

Johnathan Hernandez who is just as gorgeous as Aaron, released a statement in May of 2017, following the tragic death of his brother.

Johnathan Hernandez released a statement which reads as follows:

My younger brother Aaron was far from perfect, but I will always love him. Many stories about my brother’s life have been shared with the public — except the story Aaron was brave enough to share with our mother and me. It’s the one story he wanted us to share with the world. It is Aaron’s truth.

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On Friday, Johnathan Hernandez will be on Dr Oz. speaking on his brother Aaron. It is a must-see episode.

Johnathan announced on Wednesday:

The Truth About Aaron will be available on October 30th. Special thanks to @dr_oz for allowing me to share our story on his show?. The segment will be airing on Oct 30th!

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