Johnny Manziel Boozin with Future

Johnny Manziel got a taste of the party life and apparently he can’t let it go. Once again, Johnny Manziel put his NFL comeback to Booze it up with Future!!!

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When it comes to drinking, partying and wasting your talent, Johnny Manziel has that covered. He was out on Thursday night to party in Miami with rap superstar Future!!!

The NFL’s gold child, Johnny Manziel was a dream come true when he was drafted, but his drinking and party lifestyle has taken over, throwing away his career.

Now the once golden child is an NFL dud, because he would rather booze it up with rapper Future. Doesn’t Johnny realize that Future is still making his money. Clubs is part of the rap/rock lifestyle. That is NOT part of the NFL lifestyle, because you need to be in tip top shape, unlike rapper Future.

Anyways, according to reports, Manziel and Future TURNT it up at STORY nightclub, where the ex-NFL quarterback got onstage and hung with Future’s entourage.

How sad he’s gone from NFL star to part of the groupie entourage.

As for the boozing, earlier in the night Manziel Snapchatted a clip of someone pouring him a glass of champagne. It appears he drank it … despite his vow to go sober while he trains to get back in the NFL.

Manziel has been in Miami for a couple of days … on Wednesday, he went to see Drake and Future in concert.

He was rockin’ OVO gear, an OVO chain and had a VIP pass hanging around his neck apparently he’s still on good terms with his old pal Drake.

Johnny Manziel is sounding more like a groupie fan than a man who is in the NFL.

So sad.

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