Jorge Masvidal “The Punches Were Necessary” for Ben Askren

Jorge Masvidal "The Punches Were Necessary" for Ben Askren

When it comes to Jorge Masvidal, he was merciless with Ben Askren, but his post-fight interview was brutal.

Jorge Masvidal told the press during his Jorge Masvidal that he wanted to inflict as much pain as possible on Ben Askren. Read on and watch how Masvidal straight up says I don’t like him… reports it wasn’t enough for Jorge Masvidal to leave Ben Askren on the receiving end of the fastest knockout in UFC history. Nope, Masvidal made sure to add some extra sauce to the victory. (above)

After a flying knee put an end to their welterweight grudge match at UFC 239 on Saturday, Jorge Masvidal celebrated KO’d Askren and then he proceeded to imitate his fallen opponent’s grim pose.

You might consider this a blatant disregard for sportsmanship or a prime example of MMA showmanship?

Masvidal said at the evening’s post-fight press conference:

There are not too many people that I’ve disliked, I have over 50 pro fights, and he’s one of them. He talked about my manhood, talked about my culture, my ethnicity, where do we draw—Why do certain people get to do stuff online? So you can do anything, everything is cool before a fight, you’re allowed to do and say whatever you want… talking about people’s religions, wife, even kids, that’s cool? But after a fight, I’m not allowed to showboat and rub it in your face so you and guys like you can see it and be like, ‘Maybe I don’t talk so much shit because when I cross one of these real motherf*ckers, they’re going to make me pay for it. They’re going to embarrass the shit out of me.

He adds:

And it’s not over for Ben either. He still has to deal with me. If I see him at Whole Foods, I’m a still slap that dude up, ‘cause I don’t like him. It should have been mine, but I don’t know. I’m not going to sell my soul, I know they go around sometimes telling, ‘You got the title shot or you’ and then see who gives them the best deal. I want to get paid for my services.

Meanwhile, Masvidal wants people to know “I’m putting mother*ckers in another planet when I’m done with them.”

Jorge said:

I think I bring a very real thing to this fighting thing and that’s just baptizing people. I’m not God, but I’m putting mother*ckers in another planet when I’m done with them.

When it comes to Askren, Jorge said:

It wasn’t personal. I just don’t like the dude, I knew how to get inside his head and that’s it. It’s nothing personal for me, it’s just business. I’m here to get these checks, get paid, and make sure that I put enough money away for my kids to go university, so that belt is what’s next. I’m glad I got to end that dude.

Dana White is making sure that Masvidal never fights McGregor.

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