Joseph Randle FALL Continues with More Criminal Offenses

Joseph Randle FALL Continues with More Criminal Offenses

Former Cowboys running back Joseph Randle continues to land more criminal offenses, while his former Dallas Cowboys teammates enjoy their extraordinary comeback season!?!

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Joseph Randle FALL Continues with More Criminal Offenses

AP Photo/Paul Jasienski has news on former RB Joseph Randle, who was on the road to making a legacy of greatness for his namesake. Instead he racks up a criminal record disgracing his family name.

In 2015, Joseph Randle was making strides with the Dallas Cowboys as a starter for the organization, but it was cut short after Tony Romo suffered a collarbone injury. After the season run Joseph Randle and the Cowboys finished last place in the worst division of the NFL. While his skills suffered on the field so did his off field activities. He started screwing up landing himself a bunch of problems that got him booted from the Cowboys.

Fast forward to know, the former Dallas Cowboys running back Joseph Randle has just landed another charge. This time it’s for assaulting a fellow inmate in a Kansas jail. Randle’s fall continues to plague him. He was charged with aggravated battery and disorderly conduct Wednesday stemming from a confrontation Friday in the Sedgwick County Jail. It’s apparent that Joseph Randle is fighting inner demons. This makes five criminal cases pending for the former NFL running back. All his charges are in the county, where he has been jailed since June.

County prosecutors allege Joseph Randle did the following:

  • Tried to hit people with a car after being asked to leave a housewarming party
  • Dodged law enforcement attempts to serve him with a warrant
  • Threatened to kill a jail deputy over phone privileges
  • Damaged a Kansas jail television

Now with his fifth charge pending against him, Joseph Randle got hit with an additional $7,500 bond, totaling the amount to $59,000.

So what does Randle have to say for his actions?

Randle said he was just defending himself.

“The state is charging me for running from somebody? For getting punched in the face.”

We guess the big question is who is he running from? Instead, he needs to own up to his mistakes and blatant anger issues. He needs to look in the mirror and be mad at the man who caused the problems, himself.