Redskins Josh Norman + Cowboys Dez Bryant Fight After Game

Redskins Josh Norman + Cowboys Dez Bryant Fight After Game

Immediately after Dallas’ victory over Washington on Thanksgiving, Redskins Josh Norman + Cowboys Dez Bryant got into a HEATED Fight on the field!!!

Flip and get the details on what caused Josh Norman throw punches at Dallas Cowboys Dez Bryant…

Redskins Josh Norman + Cowboys Dez Bryant Fight After Game got word that after the Dallas Cowboys beat out the Washington Redskins a fight broke out between Redskins cornerback and Cowboys wide receiver.

Josh Norman started throwing blows at Dez Bryant on the field and NFL cameras caught all the tension on the field. However, cameras quickly cut away as the two were being separated.

What sparked the fight between Washington Redskins Josh Norman and Dallas Cowboys Dez Bryant?

SportsDay weighed in with this take on the field fight:

I think the officials did not do a good job of controlling the game. Josh Norman holds on virtually every play. Call it, and a lot of that goes away. The most egregious non-call came when Dez caught a slant and after the tackle, Norman twisted Bryant’s ankle. It was a dirty play, but it doesn’t get called and that begins the escalation. Norman’s on-field machismo is not good for the game, and it needs to be addressed.

Dan Steinberg, sports blogger/columnist for the Washington Post caught the action on the field.

Watch the fight break out on the field:

The animosity continued as Dez Bryant walked down the tunnel, and said in regard to Norman, “better tell Washington to get their money back.”


What do you think of this crazy on the field? Flipping the bird is nothing to this type of unsportsmanlike conduct on the field?

Do you think Josh Norman will be fined?