Nationals Rookie Juan Soto Ejected from Nationals vs Braves Game

Nationals Rookie Juan Soto Ejected from Nationals vs Braves Game

Things got a bit mui callente during Wednesday night’s loss to the Braves!

The 19-year-old Dominican rookie outfielder for the Washington Nationals Juan Soto broke an unwritten rule and complained about a pitch from his previous at bat as a rookie.

Continue on to see all the action going down on the field with Washington Nationals Juan Soto has the latest MLB tea spilling regarding the Washington Nationals Juan Soto who let the pitcher have it during his third at bat attempt.

While Juan Soto was grooming the batter’s box before his third at bat, he told the umpire a pitch was inside during last at bat.

the umpire didn’t seem to please with his criticism on the field, but its all egos sometimes.

Senior MLB editor Jason Foster had this to say:

You can read the Greg Gibson’s lips on why he ejected Soto: “He walked right up here and told me the ball was inside the last at-bat.” They don’t like when rookies do that. Veterans can get away with it.

Soto did exactly what you’re supposed to do. He didn’t show the umpire up at all. He voiced his opinion while looking down. There was no reason for the umpire to throw him out.

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