Kaepernick Commends Eric Reid Continuing Protest

Eric Reid Will Continue to Sit During National Anthem

With what is going on in the world and what happened to Seattle Seahawks Michael Bennett in Las Vegas, Eric Reid says he will continue to sit during national anthem.

Read on to see what Colin Kaepernick and San Francisco 49ers strong safety Eric Reid had to say…

CelebNSports247.com has received word via Colin Kaepernick who posted a video of Eric Reid explaining why he will continue to sit in protest.

Colin Kaepernick is paying the price for kneeling during the national anthem while playing for the San Francisco 49er last season in protest for #equality. Though, he is happy to see his former teammate Eric Reid continuing the protest.

Now, many NFL players are continuing his silent protest for equality for all, like Michael Bennett who was recently threatened by LVPD. The cops told Bennett they’d shot if he resisted his arrest. Bennett was profiled by police, who claimed he fit a description.


Then, there is Colin Kaepernick who is still being blackballed by the NFL since he knelt during the national anthem speaking for those who could not. But Colin is facing more ridicule no thanks to his girlfriend Nessa who seems to be a thorn in his side. She tweeted some racist comments early in August, and now former Ravens LB Ray Lewis has revealed that they passed on Colin because of Nessa’s tweet.

Colin Kaepernick had this to say about Eric’s announcement:

“My Brother @e_reid35 speaking truth to power! Love you Brother. Thank you for being a voice for the people! #kaepernicking”

Continuing on, Eric Reid, 25, is sick of what has been happening in the world around him so he spoke on the matter in hand. Reid announced that he will continue to sit during the national Anthem in protest for #EQUALITY: