Kaepernick Lynching Meme Surfaces After Seahawks Postpone Work out

Kaepernick Falls Victim to Lynching Meme

It was reported Thursday that the Seattle Seahawks postpone visit after Colin Kaepernick won’t say if he’ll stop kneeling during anthem.

This week, Colin Kaepernick found a potential home with the Seattle Seahawks, but he had to show them what he can do on the field with a work out. Read on to get the tea spilling…

Kaepernick Falls Victim to Lynching MemeThe only problem the team officials postponed the trip when the quarterback declined to say he would stop kneeling during the national anthem next season, according to a league source.

Regardless of the question being answered, Seattle still is considering bringing in Colin Kaepernick for a tryout, and no decisions are final.

On Friday, the Seahawks signed former Washington Redskins quarterback Stephen Morris, so what does this mean for Kaep?

Apparently, the NFL is enforcing Colin’s kneeling movement to end, by getting assurance from other players like San Francisco 49ers free-agent safety Eric Reid who was visited by Cincinnati Bengals to make sure Reid would not participate in on-field activism.

Is that right? NO, but the NFL is basically giving the players the option to play by their rules or sit on the sidelines like a fan watching.

Meanwhile, Colin has fell victim to a Lynching Meme which reads:

Kill the bravest slave and hang him high on the path to freedom…And no one else will try to run!

The meme speaks LOUD on how America is still enforcing blacks in the NFL to know their place as a player and NOT a voice of the people like Martin Luther King Jr. – How can racism end in America if old White football team owners continue to force the players to play and be quiet?

Colin has made a name for himself as an activist for the people knowing his rights and speaking for those who don’t have a voice. It’s a movement we believe in, but the NFL is bad like Trump and his oppressive ways against anyone who is not white. Puerto Rico (which is still United States of America) suffers because they’re Latino. Americans a stuck with a Tyrant for President who doesn’t listen to anyone but himself. He continues his wrath against Mexico building a wall, threaten Russia on Twitter and is causing a great divide with China.

Does anyone see that he is RUINING our country? Thanks to the many idiots who voted him in to stir the pot, they didn’t realize having a billionaire who buys and sells people on the daily is the wrong person to have represent our government as President. This is why Colin Kaepernick’s kneeling was so crucial for all American, oppressed, black, brown, white, green and purple. Now, Colin is being hush to play.

Do you think that is right? He has to conform or be an outcast?

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