Kaepernick’s Agent Hasn’t Heard Any Offers From NFL Teams

Kaepernick’s Agent Reportedly Has Heard Nothing About Possible Contract

We hope it is just too soon to call following the Colin Kaepernick workout from Saturday.

It was said that Colin Kaepernick would probably get signed to an NFL team within the next couple weeks, but so far nothing. Read on Kaepernick’s Agent Kaepernick’s Agent says no NFL Offers yet…

CelebNSports247.com reports that it looks like the NFL may continue on without Colin Kaepernick, but it is still too soon to call.

Do you think Kaepernick’s agent will get an offer and deal from an NFL team this week?

We have a feeling that the NFL may just be acting as they care but hopefully we are wrong about our thoughts.

According to Adam Schefter got a lot of positive feedback from his workout.

Schefter Tweeted that Kaep’s said “his arm talent is “elite.”:

Jason LaCanfora said:

Like we previously reported, only eight teams showed up to Kaep’s workout following the news that the venue did not allow cameras in to document what Colin Kaepernick would be doing on this day in front of 25 teams.

The media is trying to claim that Kaep may have inserted his foot into his mouth again since he allegedly had a lot to say to owners as well as Roger Goodell

Just before Sunday Night Football, Mike Florio of PFT stated Kaepernick’s agent hadn’t heard from any team about a possible private workout nor a possible contract. Nothing has changed.

After hearing what Stephen A. Smith last time about Kaepernick, we hope he keeps his mouth shut this time around.

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