Kawhi Leonard “I’m Out This Biach”

Kawhi Leonard "I'm Out This Biach"

Goodbye Toronto Raptors! There you have it, Toronto Raptors star Kawhi Leonard let everyone know what he wanted to do.

Raptor superfan Drake had his meeting with Kawhi Leonard and wait until you hear his offer from Toronto’s hip hop king…

CelebNsports247.com may have already told you where Kawhi Leonard was heading because he said it right after the Toronto Raptors Championship parade.

Toronto fans have been anxiously awaiting Kawhi’s announcement but he already told everyone at the NBA Championship Parade.

Drake pulled out all the stops to keep Kawhi in Canada.

He met with Drake who gave him a HUGE presentation and even offered him an R&B album deal on OVO, but Kawhi is an NBA player NOT an R&B singer. So that was a flatline.

Here is what we have learned:

Then, we all know that Kawhi wants to head to LA since he is a native of Los Angeles. His family is there and they could now watch him play live instead of on TV.

Not to mention, Chris Broussard announced that Kawhi will make $11M more with Lakers than Raptors due to the way he is taxed.

The clock is winding down for the 28-year-old NBA star and a free agent is waiting on his homie Danny Green. What we are hearing is that Kawhi is waiting on Green.

Danny Green has played alongside Leonard for eight seasons and won two championships with the multi-talented wing. Green is a free agent too, and in many ways, his future is tied up with what Leonard decides to do with his free agency, but he doesn’t have any insight about what his friend and teammate is going to do either. – SportsNet

Just remember Kawhi Leonard already told everyone at the NBA Championship Parade:

I’m out this bitch…I’m heading to LA.

He may have been joking, but there was a lot of truth to his playing around.

Toronto fans were NOT happy and the reaction from his teammates had them all falling back.

Kawhi has yet to make an official announcement on where he is heading but if he keeps his word from the NBA Championship Parade in Canada, then we told you first.

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