Keith Thurman Danny Garcia Fight Results: Thurman UNIFIES Welterweight Title

Keith Thurman WINS Welterweight After Split Decision Over Garcia

This is NOT what Danny Garcia wanted, but we told you Keith Thurman has too much power in those punches. Thurman took down Garcia after a split decision!!

Get the details on how Danny Garcia vs Keith Thurman played out…

Keith Thurman WINS Welterweight After Split Decision Over Garcia has the results from the Danny Garcia vs Keith Thurman that took place at Barclay center in Brooklyn.

Yesterday, Keith Thurman weighed in on how he looked at the fight and what boxing fans should expect:

Like Thurman 28-0-1, 22 KOs) said he has years in the boxing game and it’s going to be hard to take away the welterweight title from him.

Thurman, 28, has just taken one giant step forward on Saturday night surviving a scare in order to unify two of the four welterweight titles. Danny Garcia was hurt early on in the fight and couldn’t keep up with Thurman’s speed and boxing ability late to unify the 147-pound world titles in a battle of unbeaten stars.

It was Thurman’s insistence on disengaging and circling away from Garcia late in the bout left the door open on the scorecards for a split decision.

Two judges scored it 116-112 and 115-113 for Thurman. The third had it 115-113 for Garcia (33-1, 19 KOs), who appeared to steal the final two rounds based upon activity alone after being outclassed for much of the fight. CBS Sports scored it 116-112 for Thurman.

Keith Thurman WINS Welterweight After Split Decision Over Garcia

Angel Garcia, trainer and father of Danny Garcia weighed in saying:

“Keith ran half the fight; boxing is about hitting, not running. Danny tried to be the aggressor, but Keith was just moving so much.”

Thurman stats that “Danny Garcia did not pass the Keith Thurman test.” He loves boxing, this is day job, but he revealed that Garcia flat footedness was why he was able to dance around him and land more punches. He feels that Danny is a great fighter, but he Keith Thurman proved that he is extremely calculated as a boxer. He was able to read Garcia’s technique.


Bottom line; Thurman improved to 7-0 in world title fights, landing 147 shots compared to 130 for Garcia, according to CompuBox.

The moment the announcer say Keith Thurman is the winner after split decision:

Keith Thurman WINS Welterweight After Split Decision Over Garcia

Here is what he said about the judges during the press conference post fight.

Thurman said:

“The judges are judges; I thought I out-boxed him. I thought it was a clear victory, but Danny came to fight. I knew when it was split and I had that wide spread, I knew that it had to go to me.”

Danny Garcia, 28, said:

“I came up short tonight. [Garcia] thought I was the aggressor. I thought I pushed the pace, but it didn’t go my way. t is what it is. I can’t cry over anything. I’ll come back strong like a true champion. [Danny] would love to have a rematch to get my titles back.”

Keith Thurman WINS Welterweight After Split Decision Over Garcia

Dan Birmingham, Thurman’s trainer said:

“We knew we had the fight won in the later rounds. [Thurman’s trainer] didn’t want to take any chances. Keith was scoring but he was backing up, sticking and moving. He knew that Danny could hit, and he’s a great fighter.”

After the fight was over, Garcia initially thought he had won and began to celebrate, while Thurman remained calm and cool. Then, ring announcer Jimmy Lennon Jr. read his name as the winner of the split-decision in the 10th unification title as Keith Thurman. Garcia was devastated!

Thurman said:

“I was not giving the fight away. [Keith] felt like we had a nice lead, we could cool down. It felt like we were controlling the three-minute intervals every round. My defense was effective. He wasn’t landing.”

Here is what the two fighters said during the Showtime Boxing post fight conference:

Congrats Keith Thurman!