Kendall Jenner + Blake Griffin Rumored Rendezvous Confirmed

We didn’t expect this but it happened. The star crossed lovers, Ben Simmons and Kendall Jenner, had a major change up when Kendall switched it up and was spotted with Blake Griffin.

Now, sources are claiming that Kendall Jenner confirmed rendezvous with Blake Griffin has learned via SportsGossip that Ben Simmons and Kendall Jenner were doing their own thing with other people this weekend.

Philadelphia Sixers star Ben Simmons was spotted out and about at 1 am on Friday night in Toronto via The Fumble.

And while Ben Simmons was out clubbing with his teammates, his estranged girlfriend Kendall Jenner was spotted at Craig’s restaurant in Los Angeles, possibly involved in a secret rendezvous with her ex Blake Griffin.

But here is the tea spill:

Sources are claiming that Kendall Jenner confirmed rendezvous with Blake Griffin indeed happened.

The former couple was just “hanging out together” at the same table.

Ben Simmons + Kendall Jenner Split

Check out the eyewitness account below:

I’m sure Ben Simmons won’t be too pleased when he hears about Kendall spending time with her ex Blake Griffin. There’s no confirmation anything romantic was going on at Craig’s, but what we do know is they were seen together at the very same table.

Check out this tea spill:

Kendall Jenner Confirms Rendezvous with Blake Griffin


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