Kevin Durant DISSES Under Armour

Kevin Durant DISSES Under Armour

Golden State Warriors star just unleashed on Under Armour, SHADING the brand by saying “Under Armour ain’t shhhh!”

Kevin Durant, the Nike endorsed NBA baller weighed in on Under Armour this week. Read on…

Kevin Durant DISSES Under Armour got the news via sources who told us that Kevin Durant DISSED Under Armour, whose most notable clients include Cam Newton and Steph Curry.

The Warriors Kevin Durant, is here to let everyone Under Armour ain’t sh*t.

Durant answered a Baltimore fan’s question about why top high school basketball players choose to leave the Maryland-Virginia-Washington region. He also made note the reason why high school basketball players bypass colleges such as Under Armour-sponsored University of Maryland.

Kevin had this to say, which was a direct shot at Under Armour:

“I think a lot of kids, to be honest, they don’t choose [University of] Maryland unless they play in like an Under Armour system coming up. Shoe companies have a real, real big influence on where these kids go. So, nobody wants to play in Under Armours, I’m sorry. The top kids don’t, because they all play Nike … The kids that play that grew up in the Under Armour system, they go to Maryland.”

The shots at Under Armour may have come since the brand tried to sign Durant back in 2014. They were hoping to gain inroads into the basketball marketplace and build an international shoe business with Durant. He ended up re-signing with Nike and sealed the deal with a tweet that read:

“Excited and humbled to sign back with the swoosh!”

Reps of Under Armour have not responded to Durant’s podcast comments.