Kevin Durant Tells Disrespectful Mavs Fan “F–K Off”

Kevin Durant Tells Disrespectful Mavs Fans "F--K Off"

Hey someone had to tell the beer belly white men to shut up and stop talking sh-t while they sat courtside criticizing the Warriors.

Like we’ve said, Trump has made it OK for old white men to act like slave owners with disrespectful remarks towards black Warriors. One man decided to take action and put the beer belly men in their place. Read on to see what and how Kevin Durant shut them up… reports that Golden State Warriors Kevin Durant took action against a beer belly Mavericks fan who was talking a bunch of mess during the game.

The Warriors superstar got upset at something a Dallas Mavericks fan said in the stands, so Kevin Durant stormed over and gave the two fat men a piece of his mind saying:

Watch the f-cking game and shut the f-ck up!!!

See, the Golden State Warriors have been in disarray ever since Kevin Durant and Draymond Green got into a shouting match at the end of regulation against the Los Angeles Clippers.

We love this. Good job Durant. People like them NEED someone to come down on their sh-talking asses!

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