Keyshawn Johnson Knocked Up a Side Chick

Keyshawn Johnson Knocked Up a Side Chick

Another day, another side chick allegedly knocked up by a baller. Ex-NFL star Keyshawn Johnson has allegedly seeded a 45-year-old woman and she’s demanding child support.

Read on to get the tea spilling on Keyshawn Johnson allegedly knocking up a side chick…

Keyshawn Johnson Knocked Up a Side Chick has just received word that ex-NFL star Keyshawn Johnson just got kicked in the nut sack by a paternity lawsuit.

Word is, Keyshawn Johnson didn’t wrap up his eggplant and now there’s a 4-month-old mini Keyshawn.

The woman who had no problem getting smashed by Keyshawn unprotected is now demanding child support for her 4-month-old son.

Yo, Keyshawn if she’s a side chick wrap up your Johnson bruh!

Of course, Key says the allegations are 100% false.

That’s all good, but court docs obtained by TMZ Sports says that the woman has demanded a paternity test to establish Keyshawn as the father.

If the baby is his, like she claims, Key will have to start coughing up a minimum of $4,346 per month in support.

Meanwhile, Key is going to have a lot of explaining to do to his wife Jennifer Conrad, who he cheated on. Especially since the baby was apparently made one night while he was out creeping behind his wife’s back.

Oh yeah, in case you forgot, Jennifer had initially filed for divorce in March 2015. They reconciled until August 2016 when she told TMZ Sports the divorce was back on for good and it was O.V.E.R!

We guess he got caught and she was tired of being disrespected. Currently, Key is in FULL denial mode and has his attorney , Aja Mann stating, “The allegations are absolutely false.”