Klay Thompson Has New Cuffing Season Girlfriend

Klay Thompson Gets New Cuffing Season Girlfriend

Last week Golden State Warriors Klay Thompson who went in FULL DENIAL MODE about smashing model Abigail Ratchford who posted snap shots of his bedroom and dog.

Now, we have new Intel that Klay Thompson has moved on with a new soon to be ex girlfriend. Read on…

We have to admit the Golden State Warriors hunk Klay Thompson is completely easy on the eyes so we understand while these ladies get weak in the knees.

Klay Thompson is a definite panty wetter. The 27-year-old Aquarian is having fun, because he’s in his twenties. And like most Aquarian, if you push to hard while dating, Klay finds his exit stage left and bounces. We get it. Trust, we’re a fellow Aquarian, and we’re the same way.

Moving right along, the Golden State Warriors star is always staying active on Instagram, and he’s know for scoring on and off the court.

A new tip hit our desk today via TO source who confirmed Klay has a new smash piece.


The source spills this tea:

“Klay Thompson basketball player meeting his new girlfriend at the Four seasons hotel in NYC right now” says our source. “She came to the 4 seasons hotel on Saturday night. You can verify with the hotel that she came in around 2am.”

This is perfect timing since cuffing season kicked off on October 31, so we will give this new fling the season before Klay finds a new summer arm piece.

What we’ve learned is that her name is Crystal S. She is a mom. Crystal is a New York native who works for a charity called “Guns Down, Life Up,” which is NYC Health + Hospitals’ response to violence in our communities is organized.

Check out Thompson’s latest new now next girlfriend:

Klay Thompson Gets New Cuffing Season Girlfriend

Klay Thompson Gets New Cuffing Season Girlfriend