Klay Thompson’s Leading Lady CLAPS BACK “What competition?”

Klay Thompson's Leading Lady CLAPS BACK "What competition?"

It was revealed earlier this week that Golden State Warriors star Klay Thompson has been working the social media angle on Dylan Gonzales. So far so good, these two have been going strong, for the past few weeks, but we will see.

We noticed that the 28-year-old Warriors hunk continues to soy his oaks, so to speak. Klay Thompson has a tendency to change his women each season, and during game 2 he allegedly had another woman there to cheer him on the court. Read on to get more tea…

Klay Thompson's New Leading Lady Is FIRECelebNSports247.com has the latest on Klay Thompson and his new leading lady Dylan Gonzales. It appears Klay is a bit more serious this time around since he’s been liking her Instagram pictures.

She’s definitely an athlete and we can see the two lasting if Klay Thompson didn’t have an addiction to fine women in the bay area. During the Golden State Warriors battle against the Cleveland Cavaliers in game 2, Klay was spotted bringing another woman to his game. It was RUMORED Klay was messing with a nursing student named Melissa Monique Jimenez, via TerezOwens.com who said she is Dylan’s competition.

This time around. the source said:

She posted videos on her IG story. She showed off her ticket and it said Family on the ticket. I am not sure if those tickets are given to players and staff only or even to the others. There was no sight of KT in her story. She was careful this time. It looked like she went thru the same tunnel behind Steph. She could be close to other players too.

Shortly, after the news reached Thompson’s main girlfriend CelebNSports247.com heard via TO, who broke the news that Dylan Gonzales, fired back on social media stating:

I’m sorry… What competition? ??

Take a look below:

Not to toot my own horn but: BEEP BEEP ??

A post shared by Dylan Gonzalez (@miss_dyl) on

Check out more pics of Klay’s main squeeze Dylan Gonzales. She was NOT feeling Klay bringing Melissa Monique Jimenez to the game.

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