Klay Thompson Gets Denied By Rim in China

Klay Thompson Gets Denied By Rim in China

Golden State Warriors Klay Thompson tries to show off during an exhibition in China, but instead his attempt at a rim shot was an EPIC FAIL.

Flip and watch Klay Thompson makes an EPIC FAIL in China…

Klay Thompson Gets Denied By Rim in China

The photogs were all over Klay Thompson as soon as he missed the rim and hit the ground injuring himself by flubbing a 360 jam during an exhibition in China.

Fresh off another NBA championship victory with the Warriors, Klay Thompson wanted to show fans in China some of his moves. Who knew one of them was him missing the shot and hitting the pavement.

Oh how embarrassing.


This was one of those moments we all know that Golden State Warriors Thompson will want to forget. The only thing hurt here was his ego.

Here is another angle of Klay acting all confident before missing the rim shot and falling on the ground.

Ouch, his ego must be killing him.

This is how Klay normally does it. Maybe it was the asphalt or something. NBA courts have a bit of spring to them, and street basketball doesn’t. On a real tip, Klay’s calculations were probably off.