Kyle Lowry: There’s No Place for Fan Touching + Saying Vulgar Things to Players

Kyle Lowry: There’s No Place for Fan Touching + Saying Vulgar Things to Players

Another incident nearly unfolded with Toronto Raptors Kyle Lowry during Wednesday’s Game 3 of the NBA Finals in Oakland.

The Raptors stole game 3 from Oakland tonight, but Kyle Lowry had a run in with a disgruntled fan who had some vulgar things to say to him.  See Kyle went all out to save a loose ball in the fourth quarter. The only problem is a Warriors fan grabbed Lowry and said some nasty things to the NBA star, so he aired his views on the matter after the game. Read on… reports that Raptors Kyle Lowry was NOT happy with how a fan who had courtside seats grabbed him and said some nasty things to him while he was in the heat of the moment trying to save the ball.

Kyle Lowry had this to say about the Golden State Warriors fan making contact with him in Oracle stands:

There’s no place for that. He had no reason to touch me. No reason to reach over two seats & to say some vulgar language to me. Hopefully, he never comes back to an NBA game.

We understand Lowry’s point of view but let be real he plowed into them so it only made sense they were pushing him off them. As for the vulgar things they said, we agree that is uncalled for. They paid for those seats but they have to expect to get hit when on the court.

Here is how it played out:

Lowry went flying at full speed into the fans seated courtside at Oracle Arena, and after the hard collision, a fan off to the side shoved the Raptors guard.

For some reason, fans think they have the right to be foul-mouthed and nasty. Those type of fans should be banned from all sporting events. They make it unsafe for everyone.

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