Cavs Pulling Out of Kyrie Irving Isaiah Thomas Trade?

Kyrie Irving Isaiah Thomas Trade

Kyrie Irving might not be leaving after-all, because word has just leaked that the Cleveland Cavaliers might pull out of their blockbuster trade deal.

The Cavaliers overlooked on small detail that is a game changer, Isaiah Thomas hip injury. Read on more on the Kyrie Irving Isaiah Thomas trade going left….

Kyrie Irving Isaiah Thomas Trade

Photo: David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

The Cleveland Cavaliers might pull out of their blockbuster trade deal with the Celtics after evaluating Isaiah Thomas’s pre-existing hip injury that he suffered in the playoffs according to ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski.

Did the Cavs just pull out of the Kyrie Irving Isaiah Thomas Trade?

Kyrie Irving Isaiah Thomas Trade Details:

“After Isaiah Thomas underwent physical today, Cavs still evaluating injured hip and weighing options w/ completion of Kyrie Irving deal.”

He adds:

“As one source involved in the process involving Thomas’ medical clearance told ESPN late Friday night, ‘It’s a very sensitive situation.'”

Wow, this is truly a game changer if you ask us. Kyrie Irving wanted to leave the Cavs and now he might be stuck? What will happen now? What will happen to Isaiah Thomas?


Despite Thomas injury, Kevin Durant Applauds Kyrie Irving:

This past week Kyrie’s friend Kevin Durant applauds Kyrie Irving for moving on to ‘next chapter.’ Irving was traded from the Cleveland Cavaliers to the Boston Celtics on Tuesday, but this news changes everything.

The reason why Kyrie wanted to leave is simple. He didn’t want to be a cast member on the LeBron James story. The NBA is all about LeBron James. It’s the same reason why Kevin Durant traded to the Golden State Warriors.

Here is what Durant said on “The Bill Simmons Podcast”:

“He did what he was supposed to do in Cleveland. It’s on to the next chapter. I can really appreciate what he did. He stood up for himself. He showed a lot of courage, man, because it’s hard to take that type of criticism. When you just want to play ball. I feel him on that. …

…I just think Kyrie just wanted a place where he can focus on just playing basketball and not worrying about the other drama that comes with [playing alongside LeBron James].

Theses days the NBA revovles around LeBron like the did Michael Jordan and Magic Johnson. In those days the other playrs played their positions. Kyrie isn’t doing that. Despite LeBron wanting to be liked, Kyrie just needs to move on and this is why Durant is supporting him.

“When you’re around LeBron James, there’s so much that comes with that. Outside distractions and conversations and just noise that just comes around, just from being around LeBron James. And Kyrie was at the point, like, ‘All right, we lost the championship. This whole season’s gonna be about if LeBron’s gonna leave or not. I’m ready for a new challenge.’ All that stuff kind of met at the pinnacle of why he wanted to leave.”