Kyrie Irving

Meet Kyrie Irving New Girlfriend


According to the talk on the street Kyrie Irving has a new lady in his life and her name is Chantel Jeffries!!!

Flip and take a look at Chantel Jeffries, Kyrie Irving new girlfriend…

Meet Kyrie Irving New Girlfriend just got word that Kyrie Irving has a new girlfriend, but she has a track record of celebrity men she’s dated that includes DeSean Jackson and Justin Bieber.

Chantel’s latest victim is Cleveland Cavaliers star Kyrie Irving, who is dealing with child support issues, and a ex girlfriend suicide attempt.

Basically, Irving has a lot on his plate, so why not add more drama with Chantel Jeffries, who used to be close friends with Kyrie’s ex Natalia.

Here is a funny photo of Kyrie Irving’s new gal pal:

Kyrie Irving

Chantel was also seen in San Fran with him for game 1 of the NBA Finals. Shortly after their NBA sighting they were spotted on a Chick-Fil-A date.

If you recall, Kyrie’s ex was Kelahni, which he weighed in on and spoke his mind.  See she was caught in bed with her ex rapper Party Next Door. Kelahni made headlines after the photo surfaced on the Internet. She tried to commit suicide after twitter critiqued her fro hooking up with PND.


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